Therapeutic Ways to Alter Negative Thoughts
We all have negative thoughts. We all think in ways that aren't healthy. Learning to recognize that, and to find different, more helpful ways to think, is critical to our well-being,
Staying With Your Depression Treatment Plan
People go off their antidepressants for many reasons, but quitting too early could cause your symptoms to come back.
Nasal Polyp Surgery: What to Expect
When medicine isn't enough to improve your nasal polyps, you may need surgery. Learn more about what to expect from nasal polyp surgery.
What Causes Nasal Polyps?
Doctors don't fully understand the causes of nasal polyps, growths in your nose and sinuses. Learn more about what increases your risk for them.
Medications for Nasal Polyps
Learn about the many medications available to treat nasal polyps.
How to combat our addiction to ultra-processed eating The Standard American Diet (SAD) is packed with ultra-processed foods. These sugary, salty, and fatty food products make up more than half of the …

Xolair a New Weapon Against Food Allergies, but Questions Remain

An old drug offers new tricks for people with multiple food allergies, but costs and access issues could limit its use.

NC child advocates set 2024 agenda to reduce child deaths

By Jennifer Fernandez Up until this week, Gerard Tate has been the sole employee of the N.C. Office of Violence Prevention. The new office, created last year by an executive order from Gov. Roy …

Fentanyl deaths rising among NC children

By Jennifer Fernandez LEXINGTON — On a recent Saturday, family members gathered in a circle at a church here to share stories of loved ones lost to fentanyl. “Our whole world is turned upside …

Long-term impact of fertilizer plant fire raises concerns in Winston-Salem

By Will Atwater Two weeks after a fire forced her and her Tobacco Street neighbors to leave their homes on the night of Jan. 31, 2022, a defiant Sabrina Webster stood before a crowd at a …
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